Thursday, August 23, 2012

Junk Finds & Paintin' Faux Pumpkins

They're everywhere right now.  Those poor cast off plastic pumpkins.  I bought a box of them for 25c each~~with a plan in mind to paint them and decorate my booths at the shop~~

~~Below: bought all three of these items for practically pennies~~painted them all a shiny black for a Halloween/fall theme~~

Below~~two large cake pans 1.50 each and an old wooden cow for 2.00~~

Spray painted the inside and out (the plastic pumpkins) with a "cheap" can of white spray paint from the Dollar Store~~then hand brushed on some thicker white paint~~
~~added a wooden "handle" with wire~~

~~and this big, orange 1976 Watkins tin (50c) has just the perfect fall colors!

There's that old wooden cow!  White~washed with a little paint and had to add a stencil effect~~

~~below the orange raffia type pumpkins (bought 3 of them) for 50c each at Salvation Army~~I like to tuck them in with my autumn arrangements~~

~~and you can't beat Walmart sunflowers by the bundles; a good deal for the money.

I'm off to see what you've been up to; thanks for stopping by~~


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