Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some Christmas Thoughts

Well, the above isn't Christmas thoughts~~I've been forever getting to post and feel waaaay behind.  This was the last project I finished for one of my booths at the shop;  a free plant stand with big metal pot; (sorry, no before pic).  I added the label found on Graphic Fairy~~using an aqua print sheet of paper so that the black label would show up~~so now I'm concentrating on Christmas things~~

Our house not quite finished yet~~she's over 120 years old!  We are going to finish the porch railings between the posts this spring~~now we are working on the inside projects for the winter~~

My door header hasn't come in yet; looks rather generic as is, but I love the quaintness the old door gives~~can't wait til the header is on and the side trim pieces~~

I so love burning bush~~have several in the backyard also.  Perfect fall specimen and a little for Christmas color too~~

It's been raining here; very chilly and windy today!  It feels like it could snow ;)

Geeze; look at these two HUGE wooden hoops~~each for $2.00~~(little thrift shopping)~~
my plan to stencil on fabric after I've painted the hoops~~a soon-to-be-project (right);

well, I'm working on it anyway~~

Got these little things at the dollar store for making ornaments for the booths;  I discovered those round cardboard cake plates (for weddings) are perfect to hot glue paper cones;  below are some embellishing ideas;

12-pack glitter snowflakes for under 3.00 from Walmart~~

Birdies and little trees for "snow jars" and paper cones too~~

Ahh--feels good to post again!  I have been keeping up with all your lovely, creative ideas and beautiful, cozy homes~~you just wouldn't realize how comforting a cup of Earl Grey tea and your blog makes me feel!


Gonna start at this party here: