Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shoppin' at ReStore and an Old Wagon

Isn't this old wagon cute!  I bought it for $29.00~~
While unloading my stuff at the booths, an elderly gentleman was also bringing in some pretty neat, vintage, rusty, old items~~he sold this to me right on the spot.  I couldn't get it in the old jeep fast enough.

On the way home with it~~schemed my plans to use a big old galvanized bucket with a "recycled Christmas Tree" from the Restore (2.00); leftover garlands, tuck in some white burlap at the base of tree and new red bows.  Add lights~~

It looks pretty lit at night~~hope to post a pic. soon~~

And below:

This is bad.  Really bad.  Story goes like this: told self "no more buying junk/vintage/etc until I've downsize the collection of (same)"~~

Then our local ReStore had the biggest deal last week:  donate canned goods and get anything for 1/2 off;  I could NOT pass up that deal.  This is only a portion of what I bought and only spent $20.00~~will pic. later rest of the loot. 

Bought these chairs for $2.50 each; and only pictured one of the industrial stools (each for $1.50)~~and those half~round things~~3 of them for $2.50 each~~have in mind a great project using some hardware/chicken wire~~

I have to get busy paintin' and refixin'~~it will help me feel less guilty for bringing home more junk.

Have a great day and happy junkin'!