Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pink Raspberries for Decorating!

The Christmas gifts are wrapped and ready.  Spending today in the crafting room with some sweet items picked up this morning at our local resale shop; all the Christmas goodies have been well picked over; but, I spied these pretties immediately for future use:

These two little canvas oils for $1.00: ---THE PLAN:  they will pop right out of the frame; I will paint the garish gold a white; add some dark glaze, then return the paintings back in the frames for a more "antique-y look".

Got ~4~ big bundles of these silks with raspberries; each bundle only $1.00.  So pretty in person; and my camera (I need to upgrade soon) does not do them justice. 

These are quality silks; not the cheapy kind---so I was very thrilled to find them; perfect for my vignettes, birdnests, wreaths, etc, etc!

Thank you for letting me share!  I'm sending this over to A la Carte; see Linda's fabulous finds for the week plus more talented bloggers for Friday's Finds: