Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looky What I Found! Thursday's Finds:

See that pretty wall cabinet?  The inserts are rusty-metal wire; awesome!  Got this at Catholic Charity for $6.00 and can't wait to paint it white with a touch of glaze---will show you my after pictures soon.  The wood tray has a glass insert; $1.00 and nice, chunky candle holder for $2.00--got these at our local thrift shop.  MORE---but, will picture those later--pretty little things to show you. 

Love, love the metal inserts!  The whole front can come off for easier painting--I like that!  And the bead-board for the backing is a sweet detail too.

The old tray is in great condition; will add a prettier insert under that glass; paint the wood trim piece.  Always can use those chunky candle holders for attaching metal trays---will show you my project completed soon.  Love my projects--I have a ton of them!  Don't you?