Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Little Spooky Vignette!

HOLD ON---not done yet with these precious things---The little ghosts and black cat are vintage and home-made; bought them for $.25!  Tugs my heartstrings when I see little things like this that someone made with their own hands.  Silver tray for $.50 and painted a short, wood candlestick black----SO THEN:

Washed up those little spooks; epoxy glued tray to candlestick: added my vignette to a larger silver tray (bought last week) and placed some cream/white candles off to the side.  Got to have some color! --so added the pumpkin/berry sprig.  I'm lovin' fall, aren't you?

I do love nesting my home.  Sometimes I just get ideas and have to arrange something different; pull out some plates/platters and start adding; or subtracting.  And changing; forever changing things around here.  I love home.  Aren't we fortunate to have our blogging friends for INSPIRATION when it comes to our NESTS!  Thank you for being here; click above to be my follower--I would love to have you and see what inspires YOU!  God bless your nest.