Thursday, September 9, 2010

Old Bricks, Pathways, and Favorite Herbs:

Here's my backyard I pictured today; most of the flowers already gone.  I love the serenity of the greens and is a very quiet place to putter around in.  We still need to get a privacy fence up on one side of our property next to the shed---will hopefully get that project done before October gets here.
This concrete cherub was a sweet gift from my husband about 10 years ago; it has beautifully aged with grace!  I can see it from the french doors all year round; as if this angel is guarding our house.

Over to the right of this picture above is my little pergola.  I have a thing for old pavers/bricks: these we got for free years ago and I can't tell you how many times I have used them; moved them.  And I have used them in other little nooks and crannies; little secret pathways/hide-aways.  Love 'em!

The pergola is somewhat "hidden" by this big bush---planned it that way---cause off to the right (you can see in the next picture) is MORE OF MY LOVELY OLD BRICKS---that I used between the big shed and this bush/pergola---sweet, kind of hidden place for me to putter or paint my projects.

Here it is!  Laid these bricks to lead between the two structures just this summer--I love it.  Next year will paint the fence and pergola---that Virginia Creeper on the very back fence/trellis just planted a few months ago--next year if will be a sweet background setting for potted plants in stands.

This curvy spot is at the other end of the shed; where we need to put up the privacy fence this fall--all these plants just put in this spring/summer.  I love the old adriondack chair next to my big pot of herbs.  I can hardly wait til next year when everything fills in.  SEE MY LOVELY BRICKS??  (does it show I am obsessed with old pavers??)

Next picture is my Sweet Annie herb/bush I wrote about in earlier post.  I replanted them late this year so won't get much of harvest from them this year---but, next year will have big beautiful bushes to harvest for all kinds of dried floral/wreaths/swags/outdoor/indoor/baskets--etc.  Smells absolutely DEVINE! 

If you want INSTANT GRATIFICATION WITH PRIVACY or a nice background---Sweet Annie is perfect for that---group them close together and you get a beautiful, graceful (tall) hedge by mid-summer:
This picture my tallest one is only about 5 feet--because I planted so late in summer:

Thanks for viewing part of my little heaven!  Next year will be better---I plan to buy another little shed (my personal potting shed)---and you know--more old bricks to charm things up around here.  I love my projects.