Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paint/Stencil Projects and Junk Finds

I bought this vintage vanity bench last year at the resale shop~~and finally did something with it this week~~

Below is the before pic~~

And below~~

This vintage table (no before pics taken--oops)~~also going to the booth tomorrow~~

I've a bit more distressing to do on the lower level of the table~~

I shopped a bit this week and found these sweet metals~~

~~using one of the wire baskets as a display under the
vintage aluminum pitcher bouquet~~

~~this nice wicker wall basket for another floral arrangement~~

~~and I've had my eye on this large wooden cheese container; it went half price last week at the antique mall~~I'm not sure where I will use it yet~~

~~Painted up a vintage wicker cornecopia basket and did some Frenchy~type flowers~~

Used leftover wallpaper to wrap up some dried pink roses~~you can see it peeking out from the right of the basket~~

Has been a busy, but great week to get some projects done for the shop booths; now time to work outside and on the house.   

Getting some hosta plants for free (gotta bring the shovel and dig 'em up myself)~~I'm reallllllly excited over that~~I love hostas!

Are you out in your gardens this week?

Thanks for stopping by; love to read your comments!