Friday, May 6, 2011

Oak Leaf Hydrangeas

I must be in a rut this week; I've found a few things to share and restock my booth at the antique mall~~
this week was mostly dedicated to house repairs and I wanted to be outside in the sunshine too.
Still too early here to plant flowers~~maybe in another week or two. 

Two sweet china pieces: dainty cup and creamer~~orphaned from a complete set~~precious all the same.   I passed up the composite shelf the first time I saw it.  Then I thought (if it's still there) I'll buy it, paint it and repurpose it.  It was $1.00~~it was an ugly gray and for some odd reason doesn't lie flat to the wall as it should.  HOWEVER~~~ who could pass up those sweet birdies and berries!  So, perhaps it would look pretty tucked into a flower garden.  Maybe just used as a prop with other lovely things on big tray, cloche, etc.

My best buy of the week was these two precious "paint by number" seascapes.  They are absolutely beautiful!  I can't part with these right now~~I'm going to paint the frames white.  I love these.  And I couldn't grab them up fast enough; each one $1.00. 

This big ol' silver percolator coffee pot ($3.00)~~ 

Perfect for holding flowers.  The ONLY flowers I have blooming right now are my oak leaf hydrangeas!  I love these graceful bushes so much that last year I bought three more for the backyard next to the fence and shed.  The blooms are gorgeous.

And:  below are my finds for my MAY 31st GIVE-AWAY: 
A total of ~7~ little vintage items; so sweet!  I hope you will come by often and find some inspiration or post a note.  I love to hear from you.  Have a great week!

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