Monday, May 16, 2011

This Week's Projects~~

Sun is out!  Only 60 degrees~~but hey~~not complaining 'cause there is no rain today.  Yea!!

We got the iron rack planters added to the shed windows~~finally some color back here~~in a few weeks the flowers will look pretty good and full.

Here's my $3.00 chair from Resale Shop and a $1.00 little stool~~my projects also for this week:

Painted the stool after removing the fabric~~and will add that metal bracket~thingy to the front side and paint it white too~~for the potted plants on front porch~~

(metal bracket thingy 1/2 off from Hobby Lobby)

I bought this old metal chair for $2.00 at our local habitat resale store; not safe to sit in, but great for tucking into the shaded garden to hold birdhouses or potted plants.  I want to paint it white eventually~~

My flowers front of the house are reds/whites/blues~~
They look a little "lame" right now; but in a few weeks they'll be lush and full:


Okay; gotta get busy~~will post my results later~~working on the pergola still too!
Have a great week!

~GIVE-AWAY~  May 31st~~ I hope you'll be here!

Below are the items for a drawing on the 31st of May~~I'll be posting the weekend prior to remind everyone.  Seven sweet items for one give-away~~I know it's nothing spectacular and rather humble, but I love the simplicity, vintage appeal each piece holds.  I think you'd like them too.