Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We've had so much rain recently.  Sunshine is sporatic right now, but I'll take it when we get it; weatherman reports sunshine for Thursday/Friday~~

I'm heading off to our local nurseries to get pink and white flowers for pots and gray foilage to tuck in the beds; some vine-y plants for trailing and climbing.

Hubby made me the birdhouses years ago; fresh white paint makes them stand out in all the green I have right now~~I need some color soon!

I like to add big clay pots into the midst of my "Snow on the Mountain" ground cover~~a third generation plant (rootings from grandmother's house to mom's and now me!)~~

A love for Hostas~~another sweet bird~house.

And some tweeking to do~~add decorative brick to edge of flowerbed~~paint the pergola~~

Have a pretty day~~~