Monday, September 19, 2011

Bargains Vintage~Style

It's starting to rain again today~~hard to get some good lighting in the house even with the lights on and doors open~~last Thursday was my junking day and found these treasures on the very cheap.

This aqua~ribbed bowl with green banding is my very favorite find for $4.00; a large vintage print of "The Hunt" in faded aqua's/tans~~$10.00 (I want to maybe paint the frame); sweet tall wooden pedestal for $5.00~~

A vintage metal tray depicting apples for $1.00;  the brown sewing basket $2.00~~I'm thinking some burlap and paint on this little project~~all the mentioned items came from Catholic Charity.

My favorite junking stop Thursday~~our local habitat resale~~found the "orange plaid" footstool and white metal table~~each $1.00!

Could not have past up these little treasures: each 25 cents~~big wooden knobs and two lovely old door plates complete with rust!  They will come in handy for projects too. 
 I left something at the resale shop that I could kick myself for not buying~~$5.00 metal table with a wooden top~~so industrial and paint~worthy~~when the store opens tomorrow I'm hoping it's still there. 

  It will make a great side table for resale at my booth~~I'll picture tomorrow if I'm lucky enough to still get it.

I'm sending my lovely junk over to these parties: