Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wire Things

Look at these neat wire/candle/jar holders~~strange that I bought about six of these lately in different junk/thrift shops for about 25c and 50c each~~

~~Sweet holding other little items too~~and "did-up" an old book with a painted aqua binder~~the ribbon from Walmart~~these will make nice little "fillers" at my booths~~

I used a left-over pickle jar~~painted/stencil the lid~~

~~another floral to the booth~~this one has a huge egg painted aqua and bit of white with a bunny picture~~

Love painting up old wicker baskets to match the florals, ribbons or "object of interest"~~

~~This old door upstairs leads up to the attic~~it's the perfect spot to hang my wreaths~~

~and I "had it in my head" to absolutely do-up a lime green floral with lilacs~~

~~the fleur-de-lis hook came from Hobby years ago~~I still love how charming it looks on the old door~~

Tomorrow is painting furniture day~~I'm hoping to knock out 3 or 4 pieces within a few days for the house and the booths~~

Thanks for stopping by~~hope to see you at these parties~~

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