Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cottage Kitchen Things

I do not have a big, beautiful designer kitchen.  I'm such a coward to show you the current "before" pictures as we are creating my little cottage~kitchen~dream~~BUT~~

~~soon I'll be brave enough to show you the wood "tongue and groove" ceiling we put in~~my little 1930's red~topped island~~and my favorite little 3~tier shelf above my cooking stove~~

~~no~~I don't have a beautiful kitchen.  I have an old house that says "love me as you can"~~I've made it comfy and cottage~y.  And I'm going to picture my little dream kitchen soon (as soon) as I get over the "it's not beautiful to blog about".
  I love it anyway~~

And here's my favorite little things I just found to put on my white~cottage~y 3 tier shelf~~I'm scared and excited to share.  Isn't that ridiculous?

Just sayin~~

Have a great week and see you on the next post!