Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just a quick post!  I couldn't wait to show off these "potential" finds~~

The two wooden stool frames I bought for 75c each!  And the wooden round object is actually a lazy susan that I've started to paint white~~

So here's my plan~~that scalloped table top I've had for years (I knew I'd get to use it eventually)~~it fits perfectly on top of one of the framed stool to make a sweet little table~~the other framed stool will be used to hold vintage luggage~~(will show you next week);

These two ladies bought on the very, very cheap~~probably because one has that split in the wood~~I love it like that~~going to paint them up too.

Anyway~~I've already started painting them all and my table should be done by Tuesday~~can't wait to show you the results; hope you'll love it too.

  Have a great Friday and weekend!

Here's some parties full of inspirational ideas~~hope to see you there~~