Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jeep Full of Thrifts

Do you like this green paint on the hanging baskets?
It's growing on me~~

I found this set of three baskets attached to a canvas strap that hangs on the wall~~for $5.00~~I'm starting to like the color~~maybe paint large numbers on each one~~

Porcelain doll heads~~(with hands)~~need some ideas here (a dime each)~~
50c unwrapped candle~~
Pretty black reticulated Tole tray (great filler for the booth)~~

~~and this brand new roll of unused York wallcover~~
whimsey with Monkees and ferns (can you see this for a background on little bookcases, boxes, drawers)~~$1.50 for a double roll~~

~~some 25c baskets~
The ottoman with Queen Anne legs for $6.00~~already a plan for reupholster and paint on her "legs"~~

~wire basket, vintage cake storage tin, and a pretty fruit motiff tablecloth~~

A sweet vintage chair for $5.00~~
and this is my question for you~~I bought 3 fishing baskets; they are collapsable~~just the neatest things and all different sizes. 

How would you display these?  They would not hold a plant (and, no, I don't want to display a fish--)

I had no idea how I'd use these, but for $3.00 each (and they're vintage) I decided they needed to come home with me~~

Not sure I will use these myself~~but wouldn't these look cool just hangin' around somewhere?  Laundry room, sunroom (wish I had one), corner of the porch~~etc.

So really~~tell me~~Would you have bought these??

Love your comments~~have a happy thriftin' week!

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