Monday, November 7, 2011

Porch Lanterns for Interior Candles

Rainy, rainy day, but posting a few pics of the porch lanterns I bought on the cheap to re-do as large candle lanterns. 

Here's the before:

Used Krylon looking glass paint on the insides; painted the brass portions a textured brown/black.  I have them ontop of the entertainment center for now~~

I bought two "battery operated" large candles at Hobby~~loving these as they can be set on a timer to come on for 5 hours at a time and they "flicker" just like real candles!! 

 ~~because these are setting up high, loving the "automatic setting"~~ I don't have to use a ladder/chair to light real ones (and safer).  They really do look like real candles!

I'm almost ready to change out the orange pumpkins and faux leaves for a little pre-Christmas decorating~~

~~Hobby had the huge pinecones "3 in a bag" for 1/2 price last week;

 I plan to use these atop the armoire in a large basket; or maybe the old metal tool box~~

I recently bought this cute wooden bird house with picket fence for $4.00 at the local junk shop! 

Painting inside today another project and hope to post by end of week my "faded aqua" sewing machine table (less the machine portion)~~

Are you starting some Christmas decorating too?  I hate to get too ahead of the game, but love having a bit of the season for Thanksgiving when family comes home.  It's the "anticipation" of what's coming next!  Have a great week and party here~~