Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cheapo Junk Finds

Yesterday was a great day to find some cheap treasures; some to "fix up" for Christmas display/vignettes~~
A large paper mache' angel will be painted white and added to some large basket with evergreens and burlap bow ($1.00) and found some nice yardage of moss green toile fabric, old little wooden drawer and vintage ceramic Christmas tree; each $1.00~~
The crystal lamp base for $4.00 (a plate fits perfectly on the top portion~~may repurpose this as a stand for candles)~~

That ceramic tree~~I'm taking all the colored beads off, painting it all white; I have some clear "crystal" beads to replace in the little holes~~

and found this big tiered basket to organize my mail and such~~(2.00)

Below is the $1.25 beast I've been working on!  An old sewing machine table (less the machine portion)~~ I've sanded the top and ready to stain it; already painted the bottom portion a faded aqua~~found a perfect metal drawer handle at Hobby to replace the old one~~

I love the tall skinny legs; my "French wicker basket" fits perfectly underneath; when I finish this project will show and tell~~

Oh~~but, here is the project I'm working on while the paint is drying to the table~~

Bought two boxes of vintage Shiny Brite's in aqua for $3.25 each; ~3~ sweet frames being painted white and will be part of my Christmas vignette~~each frame was only .50 cents~~

All my goodies were bought at our local Catholic Charity shop except the Shiny Brites; I bought those at the antique store Monday; and my $1.25 sewing table bought a few weeks back at Habitat Restore.
  I just love a good bargain~~have you found some neat treasures to decorate for Christmas?

Let's go here and party~~