Sunday, November 13, 2011

Metal Bucket and Dimestore Pictures

I recently found another big round galvanize bucket~~and before I repurpose it for something, I'm using it to store my leftover florals from projects~~stuck in the corner of the "junk room" (a.k.a.~~my little office/junk storage/sewing room); decided it looked pretty enough to photo it~~

Before putting away the fall vignettes~~a dimestore type picture and frame for .25 cents; I love the simplicity of this one~~

This is a small canvas painting without frame; pretty muted colors~~the depiction of downtown with shoppers~~

~~and still working on that old sewing machine table! ~~but, hey~~I'm getting closer to the finish line on this project; my next step is to darken the aqua with a stain and wax~~

~~and paint the chandelier (that's still in the box)~~

I'm so in love with the color of aqua to a few pieces of my furniture and would never have thought to do this if it weren't for seeing all the pretty projects from your blogs;

   I'm going to stop with these two pieces though; don't want to over~do it with my new, favorite color~~can't wait to "tone it down" with the stain and wax for that antique~y feel and look.
Hope to see you here at this party~~~