Thursday, October 28, 2010

Layering and Vintage Cradle

I spotted this darling vintage cradle in a shop recently; chippy white and a sweet piece to vignette with.  I'm having second thoughts about listing it in my Etsy shop.  Hmmmm---

This could "vignette" all seasons from roses to pumpkins to Christmas.  Would make a cute planter box too.

I like simple things; sometimes just random items for decorating; changes around here all the time!

Simple is good.  But, layering is much more fun! 
Have a great evening; I'm going blog-hopping and see what you're up to!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweet Things

A good week for treasure hunting; most of the items in this post will be in my Etsy Shop.  I'm going for a "grouping theme";  to start down-sizing my hoarding!  It takes me forever to picture/edit/list---so I've decided to offer bargains with multiples of similar items. It will save me time and who doesn't like BARGAINS!!

Yep; more sheet music!  Decided to do some little packages with sheer bows and old buttons.  5 old bottles will be listed as a group BARGAIN.

Found this sweet ceramic sleigh (was an ugly green); so pretty with some soft white spray paint.

Close-up of pretty bottles with "vintage packages"; love the scrolly stamp on top.
Okay; no more talkin--just pics of some stuff I will list.  Visit me again soon; I love your comments and thoughts!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cookie Tins and Candleholder Project

You can find cookie tins cheap anywhere; and wood candleholders.  I spray painted my tins and candleholders white; added my sheet music with MOD PODGE.  Select a wood candle holder appropriate for the size of your metal container.  For this one; I used a chunky type wood candle holder; filled in the top with ROCK HARD so I could screw the tin to the wood holder.

I used a little WHITE CHRISTMAS TREE purchased from Hobby Lobby.  (cheap 1/2 price week; tree-in-a-tube).  Then made cones from old sheet music.  MOD PODGE around the inside and outer edges with mod podge and sprinkle on WHITE GLITTER. 
I had some vintage religious little cards I used hole punch to; also used bit of glitter for more sparkle around the cards edges.  A clip-on pearl earring for the top of the tree!

This little tin looked sweet with a smaller candlestick.  Could fill with shells, ornaments, dried roses, use a chunky candle, etc. etc.  Love this easy project! 
Yesterday was Friday (my junk-shoppin' day); I will post my lovely finds next week. 
 Here's just some of the items I will post: antique jar/zinc lid filled with WHITE BUTTONS!  Antique doll cradle; (already white, chippy/adorable), SQUARE JAR--filled with idea for Autumn display; and metal/silver items you will LOVE.  Most will be listed for Etsy.  Have a great weekend; see you Monday!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Old Sheet Music and Roses

Here's one of my crafty ideas; everybody knows you can get those cookie tins for a few pennies and you can find them everywhere.  I spraypainted the tin white then added some vintage sheet music with Mod Podge.  And, I love my dried flowers--they just add a vintage appeal to vignettes. 

Come visit again soon, I have some Christmas ideas with vintage sheet music that I can't wait to share with you!  Lots of fabulous ideas and pretty pictures to see at Common Ground; I'm sending these over to share for vintage Friday!

Monday, October 18, 2010

She's Wearing Wicker

I found this linen dress in a resale shop for Manny.  Loving my dried florals from the garden; they get used and moved when I feel the need to take pics for my blog. 

Sweet pink cloth gloves and white linens tucked in a wicker basket; tied with twine around Manny's waist. 
It's Monday; got some projects to finish painting and picture tomorrow.  Hope you have a creative week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Little White Christmas Tree & Coffee

Used some old sheet music for cones; my vintage glass dessert holder for a candle.  The little white Christmas tree needed a "coffee treatment" which gave it that vintage look--I love how it turned out!

The tree came in a plastic tube (Hobby Lobby--half price week); Michels probably sells similar.  Anyway:  you take out the tree from the plastic tube and pull down the little branches.  WAY TOO WHITE for me; didn't quite like the look of it at first---

THEN--decided a coffee treatment would provide a vintage appeal.  Leftover cold coffee--poured over--shake and let dry.  Turned out really pretty!  Not too bad for $2.50--added the tree to a white ceramic pot.
I'm sending this over to Faded Charms for White Wednesday; thank you Kathleen for hosting!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Pretty Vintage Planter Vase~~

I took alot of pictures today; most I felt were not "blog~worthy".  But, this pretty vintage planter vase stole my heart.  I found this recently in a little shop for fifty cents; high on a shelf, dusty and forgotten.  Love the crackled glaze and the serene peacefulness she displays so quietly.  I think this picture is definitely blog~worthy today. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dried Hydrangeas: Misted White~Tipped

Was outside spray-painting some projects:   and had this whim to try lightly misting some dried hydrangeas with just a bit of white paint.  This little cluster turned out pretty.  Just barely let the spray paint fall on the petals.  I love the "frosted" look of it.

Did I tell you I like to dry flowers/herbs from the garden?  And roses~~they look beautiful in apothecary jars; baskets, etc.  Yellow and white roses will dry and look "aged and vintage"; pretty for your vignettes!  I love to place them in white bowls/platters with candles too.  Don't pitch those roses too soon! 
Twine the stems; hang upside down to dry.

Here's some of my weekly JUNK FINDS!

Got all three on the cheap; will not be selling the reticulated brown floral tray; WHY you may ask?--well, it has nothing to do with the fact that it is paint chippy/well worn:  it is because I love the muted creams/tans/browns and I LOVE the chippy-ness of it. 

 So it will be in my china cabinet with my white ironstone collection.  Romantically shabby!

I bought this pedestal, old silver/tarnished tray for $2.50 at Salvation Army.  It's heavy!  Perfect for candles and other displays.  Love the grape-cluster relief pattern on it.

Got to get started on my projects--but, first going to see what you posted today!  Have a great weekend.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Simple Little Things~~

October is my birthday month; another reason I love autumn time.  This little bear with pumpkin was a birthday gift from my youngest son when he was 12 years old.  (He is 29 now!)  My hubby got me orange lillies and pink roses (he loves color)--so this little vignette I used the lillies with some left over hydrangeas from the garden; and my sweet autumn bear. 

Pretty peachy~pink roses and Sweet Annie~~

I had the vase on my dining room table, but wanted to use it in this little vignette while I'm upstairs today doing some brain-storming-creating-Christmas ideas for blogging and Etsy.  I LOVE the roses with snips of Sweet Annie from my garden.  Lots of it to harvest---that beautiful green will actually dry just the way it looks now.  So pretty in baskets and wreaths.  I cut large bundles, tie the stems with twine and hang them upside down to dry. 

Tomorrow will finish up posting this weeks treasure~finds from the resale shops.  I'm going blog-hopping and see what you're up to! 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

$9.00 Antique Kittens!

Shopped my usual junk spots today and found this lovely yard long picture.  Sweet kittens; love the muted colors.  The frame already white and chippy!  I may have to hang on to this one for awhile.  Sending this over to My Romantic Home for Friday Show & Tell:  Lots of talent and inspiration will be seen there!

For $1.00:  lovely vintage plaster cast cherub shelf; I like it just lying on an old silver tray!

And this is a store display item for teabags: I could not resist it!  Could paint it; but rather like the metal patina on this---

More pictures tomorrow.  I love my junkin' days!

Vintage Bluejean & Bling

Love it--this bluejean jacket probably from early 90's: looks pretty good on my little lady:

Had to show off my vintage bling!  Look at that pin shaped like angel wings!  Oh--those big 'ol pearl teardrops!  A girl has to have some sparkle.

I love my hanging mannequin; found an old floor lamp--took it apart and she hangs gracefully there in the corner of my creating-room.  More pics tomorrow of some junk shop finds.  Have a great evening!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Vintage Platters & Pinecones

I'm still loving this weather and I find natural things pretty to decorate the season.  Love vintage white platters and combined some pinecones with a candle.  I enjoy making home feel the "season".  Sending this vignette over to Debra at Common Ground for another fabulous Vintage Inspiration Friday.  Thank you for viewing; happy nesting!