Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday's Projects and Junk Finds

Yep~~another wreath~~(it's just the autumn thing for me; I love to dry flowers this time of year)~~
and attached an old book to the base of the wreath with ribbon and wire~~

~~some sweet friends save me their roses when they are about to be tossed:  I'll hang them upside down to dry and use them in pretty bouquets~~I love how they look "vintage".   Artemesia, hydrangeas, roses and carnations all dried for this wreath~~



And here's my loot from a few days ago:  that nasty~looking wicker hamper is going to be my next project ($3.00)~~after I get that big, antique door (behind the wicker) completed today~~

An old swivel wooden stool (already filled in the holes where the back support used to be); that newspaper roller I'm thinking will be sweet for an autumn display~~
I have plans for the cheap ($1.00) round table with legs that screw on~~and sweet little frames to use with some hardware/wire backing~~

Well, below is that old door~~it is HUGE!  ~~and it was only $5.00!   I've got both sides painted now and ready to add some big hooks; going to stencil the glass later today and get this off to the booths:  will look cute displaying wreaths, vintage clothing, etc~~~~

And this old chair I just added a stencil on today~~
~~because it is one of those "as is" conditions:   it will be a darling way to display a favorite plant~~

Taking it to the booth tomorrow with that HUGE door!
Why do I buy big stuff to lug around??

Hey; thanks for being here~~hope your week is a great one and many blessings come your way!