Friday, August 20, 2010

Old Desk: Soon to get revamped!

Story about this desk:  Bought this 10 years ago.  My sons used in their rooms at different times.  Sons all grown up now---desk is mine.  If you flip through the catalogs of Pottery Barn or Ballard Designs; they have had desk's similar to this one (structure wise) painted black or white. 

THE PLAN:  Remove the "masculine" hardware/handles---sand and paint (will be cottage-white); add new drawer knobs.  The whole room is in the process of being repainted soft white and tan; my area rug is tans/browns with bits of faded aqua and creams.  Black painted wood floor.

I'll show pictures when completed---I have too many projects going at once; plus I work---so will take awhile to get all finished. 

Below are some other finds from this week:

Some orphaned glass-ware:  Looks nice on a big sliver platter; idea to hold white candles; pretty for a Christmas setting----add vintage silver balls--

Big! Jewelry box for $1.30!!  Love, love wood boxes of any kind; this I plan to paint.  The lid lifts up for storage too;  see the cute little drawers!  Mirrored back on each side behind the doors.  Sweet thing.

Darling little knack shelf---

Pretty vintage tablecloth with blue flowers for 1.00 (background):  vintage reticulated large tray for .50 and the glass "cloche" was an orphaned dome lid for a bowl---got that for 2.50---but, fits sweetly on this tray; a pretty way to display little collectibles or some "bling".

I pick up trays/metal baskets all the time--will picture my loot of those items to show you how serious I am about finding metal-ware!  I love to create display pieces out the these; will get some completed and picture soon.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Lovely Old Pans; Vintage Metal Baskets---

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE OLD PANS!  I have some ideas for creating with these:  I will show some postings later this fall using some of these items--there's a wire letter/paper basket and some kind of neat square, rusty basket; perfect for a pedestal underneath and hold a few little potted plants; maybe use as display piece.

While mentioning displays:  found this sweet metal heart basket; not old; but will paint this to look "vintage" (you know--a little distressing here and there for instant age) and this would make a great display piece for this------
Perfect!  Displaying my vintage finds of today--several pretty pillowcases. 
Yep--I like this look.  I think a vintage green with a bit of black showing through would make this piece really stand out.  And then today---I got ALL THESE CLAY POTS (12 of 'em) for 1.00-----

Gotta love clay pots.  Will paint up some of these and add some old labels---AND that huge vintage wood salad bowl was just 50 cents!!  So, I'm considering painting it---(love to paint stuff) and use this as a display piece for items too.

Oooooh let me tell you about this collection of goodies:  those two little bread plates are ironstone with sweet blue markings; perfect to add a pedestal underneath---display a clay pot.  A little milk/white jar with pretty floral painted on front (perhaps holding a little bouquet of flowers or herbs)---A nice big/thick/turned wood candlestick holder (makes a nice base for a project)---vintage brass/glass display item---a HUGE old silver/metal tray:  got all of these for under $3.00!

Will post more tomorrow and show the rest of my stash from today.  Check back often--I try to picture several times a week--either my junk finds or the projects I am working on.  Would love to get your ideas and comments!

Today's finds: Vintage linens, fabrics, trims: for A FEW PENNIES!

Got to tell you; today was perfect junk-shoppin' day.  Got all these pretty pieces of fabrics, linens, and trims so cheap.  You cannot tell in this picture above; but there is a huge amount of beautiful white linen fabric in pristine condition; I'll use for pillows, lampshades, dressforms---those are my winter projects!

The two bird pillow covers were still in package for 1.00.  (I don't know what that Greek word is---maybe lovebirds???)----Anyway; got the idea to incorporate them into other projects: 

Loooook!  Can you see the possibilities here!  My inspiration was running wild as I found that gorgeous vintage trim with brown ribbon woven into it---so pretty:  And I LOVE the blue/white toile pillowcase;  I feel a project coming together:

Here is a closer view of the pretty-ness!  The brown floral will probably be some pillows for my inspiration-room (the room that needs redone).  Hate those green walls.  Won't be long though-----

Don't know what that word means!  But sure love the texture and the print---See my idea for a few pillows next photo-----

THIS is what I'm thinking---love these fabrics together; doesn't that vintage trim look perfect for this project?

AND---I'm really liking this combo too---this picture shows off that white linen on the right much better.
Okay; that's all I have for now---got to fix dinner and post rest of my fabulous finds later tonight or maybe tomorrow.  Don't miss out---neat stuff and some ideas to share with you!  Don't forget to leave me a post!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Huge metal rack ~a $5.00 find~

Had a day off from work today and shopped my favorite spots.  This big rack was only $5.00; I plan to use in my shed; I think a couple of tall wicker baskets would look sweet beneath it.

Got this metal hamper-thing:  not that old; but plan to paint it and add a floral liner to the inside; a $4.00 find.  The vintage sheet $.50; always can use those for liners and chair slip-covers.

Old spice bottles for 3.00!

$1.00 for two sweet postcard/picture holders.

All five vintage brass/glass display cases for under $3.00; Would make cute displays for Christmas ornaments.

Snagged this right up! Heavy, nice old wood chest and cost:  $1.75!

Here's some misc. I picked up today too:  Darling vintage yarn hamper (.50); 4 sweet little metal trays for .25--black with gold birds/floral:  little book "Gregg Shorthand" dated 1940's for .25;  metal storage container for .50; and that red basket (will be a paint job redo--) is the perfect size to hold books (.25).

And: that old wood/cane chair is in nasty shape; but I have plans for it; so I've thrown a cover over it until I can revamp it.  This whole room needs repainted!  Hopefully, next week will be the week to finish some house projects.  Will be posting some of my redo's soon.  Thanks for visiting!

Monday, August 9, 2010

For just "a few pennies" I found these treasures over the weekend and today.

Sweet vintage hangers, quilted pillow and needlepoint bird pillow.

The wire dish-rack not so vintage--but, I plan to paint it a "vintage" color and use for displaying vintage plates.  Several vintage metal trays (future projects to show you with those); ~3~ wonderful metal-wire baskets; set of ~6~ PINK vintage plastic serving trays.
Darling vintage Blue-Bird picture; that frame is awesome 1930's!

Two LARGE pitchers and huge sugar bowl (no lid, but still a beauty).

Pretty pink roses and look at this vintage sugar-pour!  The vintage basket has a wooden bottom; I already painted this sweet-thing pale aqua and distressed--I can hardly wait to list these beauties on Etsy!!
Pansies Oil Painting!  Truly a sweet thing.  Here's a closer view:

AND SEE THAT ADORABLE PINK-RIBBON PIN CUSHION?  I'll probably list all of these together; I like to see items grouped together and get a bargain!  Don't you?

I have to keep this one; it'll sit on my desk next to computer!  See the close-up view:

More lovely treasures found in junk shop:
Pink book with pink ribbon page-finder!  And a wire photo holder; great for post-cards, business cards, etc.

Friday, August 6, 2010

.....These are the dress forms I love to create

I love designing dress forms and mannequins.  I use vintage fabrics and sometimes the newer fabrics that give these ladies vintage look.  One hangs on my door to hold vintage jewelry.  I use her to display vintage scarves, shaws, aprons and lacy things for my photos when selling those particular items.  My next lady will be vintage whites/creams/burlap and pearls! 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just a bit more of what I adore----

My little piece of Heaven-----

This little spot is beautiful to me; I'll post more pictures later of the area you can't see in the photo--but, off to the right is my little pergola with Virginia Creeper growing over it and my chair and little metal table where I sit and drink iced tea.  It is my spot for thinking, evaluating the day events, organize my thoughts, etc, etc.  I love it  here.