Friday, August 13, 2010

Lovely Old Pans; Vintage Metal Baskets---

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE OLD PANS!  I have some ideas for creating with these:  I will show some postings later this fall using some of these items--there's a wire letter/paper basket and some kind of neat square, rusty basket; perfect for a pedestal underneath and hold a few little potted plants; maybe use as display piece.

While mentioning displays:  found this sweet metal heart basket; not old; but will paint this to look "vintage" (you know--a little distressing here and there for instant age) and this would make a great display piece for this------
Perfect!  Displaying my vintage finds of today--several pretty pillowcases. 
Yep--I like this look.  I think a vintage green with a bit of black showing through would make this piece really stand out.  And then today---I got ALL THESE CLAY POTS (12 of 'em) for 1.00-----

Gotta love clay pots.  Will paint up some of these and add some old labels---AND that huge vintage wood salad bowl was just 50 cents!!  So, I'm considering painting it---(love to paint stuff) and use this as a display piece for items too.

Oooooh let me tell you about this collection of goodies:  those two little bread plates are ironstone with sweet blue markings; perfect to add a pedestal underneath---display a clay pot.  A little milk/white jar with pretty floral painted on front (perhaps holding a little bouquet of flowers or herbs)---A nice big/thick/turned wood candlestick holder (makes a nice base for a project)---vintage brass/glass display item---a HUGE old silver/metal tray:  got all of these for under $3.00!

Will post more tomorrow and show the rest of my stash from today.  Check back often--I try to picture several times a week--either my junk finds or the projects I am working on.  Would love to get your ideas and comments!