Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's finds: Vintage linens, fabrics, trims: for A FEW PENNIES!

Got to tell you; today was perfect junk-shoppin' day.  Got all these pretty pieces of fabrics, linens, and trims so cheap.  You cannot tell in this picture above; but there is a huge amount of beautiful white linen fabric in pristine condition; I'll use for pillows, lampshades, dressforms---those are my winter projects!

The two bird pillow covers were still in package for 1.00.  (I don't know what that Greek word is---maybe lovebirds???)----Anyway; got the idea to incorporate them into other projects: 

Loooook!  Can you see the possibilities here!  My inspiration was running wild as I found that gorgeous vintage trim with brown ribbon woven into it---so pretty:  And I LOVE the blue/white toile pillowcase;  I feel a project coming together:

Here is a closer view of the pretty-ness!  The brown floral will probably be some pillows for my inspiration-room (the room that needs redone).  Hate those green walls.  Won't be long though-----

Don't know what that word means!  But sure love the texture and the print---See my idea for a few pillows next photo-----

THIS is what I'm thinking---love these fabrics together; doesn't that vintage trim look perfect for this project?

AND---I'm really liking this combo too---this picture shows off that white linen on the right much better.
Okay; that's all I have for now---got to fix dinner and post rest of my fabulous finds later tonight or maybe tomorrow.  Don't miss out---neat stuff and some ideas to share with you!  Don't forget to leave me a post!