Thursday, December 1, 2011

Red Plaid and Old Barn

I fell in love with this old "Scotch Kooler"~~it was a bargain due to some dents and dings~~~

Setting up this vignette in my office/craft room as a sample~~I'm taking most of these items to my booth today to spruce up with some reds and greens~~here is where I get messy in this little space of mine; then I box it up and off it goes (I'd like to think of this as my INSPIRATIONAL ROOM; it's more of a junk~treasure~filled space as I create and produce items for resale)~~
~~and look at the $3.00 vintage canvas oil painting signed and dated 1959~~does this not speak of Christmas?  I love this painting~~

I'm keeping the big ornate, wood frame~~painting it white for use in the dining room eventally~~the huge pinecone wreath will get a big bow and off to the booth this morning with the plaid cooler and greenery~~

Hobby has some lovely
"velvet" textured poinsettias~~the whites are fabulous; I used to not like poinsettias (real or faux)~~now I'm in love with this pretty holiday flower! 

Thanks for being here; I appreciate all your lovely comments and suggestions~~tell me what your projects are this week~~I need some motivation!


Fun and Inspiration at these parties~~see you there!



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