Friday, July 19, 2013

More Metal Chairs and Porch Painting

It's way too hot today to do this; but later this afternoon will start painting the new railings white.  Then I've decided to go with a darker brown on the porch deck/floor; darker than the siding;  it's a tan color also--needs more of a contrast and paw prints won't show up as bad!

I love hearing the Flag flap in the gentle breeze today; and there isn't much of a breeze~~

I've again been asked where I get my stencils: these are sometimes a combination of different stencil designs;  look on Etsy and Ebay  under French stencil, number stencil, alphabet stencil;  one of my favorite vendors is ArtisticStencils (sells on Etsy)~~
Here's another few metal chairs vamped up for resale at the booths; they sell quickly~~
this one I popped off the seat and added pale aqua fabric with matching paint stencil "NO. 7"~~

The other metal chair has a pretty wooden seat; and needed just a stencil or two~~

I'm tellin' ya; there's a lot of railings to be painting today~~
this may take awhile~~and a lot of breaks~~

Hope your weekend is a great one and many Blessings for you!
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Monday, July 15, 2013

Vintage Metal Folding Chairs

Last week I was lucky enough to hit the ReStore here in town when they were having "all metal items 60% off'"~~ and I bought these "lovely" tan colored metal folding chairs for under 1.50 each:

I like the tanish paint finish on the chairs; so leaving that alone with the "natural distressed finish";  I unscrewed the seats and recovered with a pretty twill fabric~~

~~and stenciled on some Frenchy ~ looking numbers~~


Tomorrow, off to the booths they shall go!

I was asked where I bought the French No. stencil:  I buy most of my stencils from different Ebay and Etsy sellers~~there are hundreds to choose from for all your creative ideas: wood boxes, furniture, jars, papers, fabrics, boards~~~endless possibilities! 
Today, got this little "beauty" for $15.00~~oh, I fell in love with her right away.  She has such pretty potential after those gold pulls come off, scraped and repainted~~I can't wait to get her lookin' good!

Got any projects you're really excited about right now?  I can hardly contain myself when I get going; too many ideas poppin' in and out of this bean of mine! 
Have a great week with many Blessings!
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

1980's Cedar Chest

My future DIL found this 1980's Lane cedar chest for free; I did not get pic. before painting it black; it was a dated brown color with big brassy hardware;  I removed all the knobs and pulls (they were for "looks" only and non-functioning on this piece.  The top lifts open)~~

I still have some distressing to do and she's finished for the booths next week.
The cedar inside this chest still has that wonderful aroma~~great storage for blankets and such.

Have a great weekend with many Blessings!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rusty Blue Metal

Today was 60% off "all metal items" at our local ReStore.   Not being really thrilled at first; thinking I wouldn't find much metal-love today~~but, oh yes I did!  Here is only a sampling of what I brought home~~

Sweet old jars were a dime a piece~~and the First Aid box was only 80c
Not all I found was metal, but still some great deals~~

Old wooden spice rack to paint and use with little bottles of different sorts~~
and got two metal file containers for under $1.00 each (paint and add stencil or maybe a French label)~~

Bought this nice big oval tray at a different junk shop for $1.00 (I've already painted the bottom portion and will show you my project in a few days)~~I loved the galvanized sides and the jute handles~~

~~and bought seven on these metal tea lights~~full of cobwebs and dust; each $1.00~~

A turn table (Lazy Susan) for .50c (another paint/stencil project soon with that)

I so fell in love with these metal containers; they are reproductions but so sweet to add to my projects such as side shelves, cubbies, etc. when we recreate our little kitchen islands~~I like to throw in some extras like this to make it "special"~~

And this old fry basket had a handle; already removed and cleaned up
look at those round, wooden disks; already painted and numbered!!~~~got them for $2.00~~these are perfect to wire on to bottles, baskets, etc~~

It was a grand day for bargains!  Can't wait to show you the rest of the loot when I unload the truck and the jeep!  I have much to do and get to paintin' before I go out junkin' again~  HA!

Hope all your junk-hunting days are great ones and many Blessings to you for stopping by!  ~patty~

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Little Chair

It's been awhile since I've got to post.  Life really got busy around here.

This sweet, rusty little school chair cost $2.50; it was half price day when I purchased it at the ReStore (with a few other items too)


The shed is getting more vines growing on the backside with all the rain we've had they are growing like crazy~~ 


The back fence is loaded down with my favorite vine (Virginia Creeper);  I just love it!

Will have to get a better, sunny day and picture the rest of my junk fortune; hopefully tomorrow will be no rain or gloom.
Blessings to you!