Thursday, October 13, 2011

Old Table and Dried Roses~~

Finally finished painting my bargain side table.  Pay no attention to this rug!  I'm changing it out for a brown and aqua rug soon in this room~~reason for painting this table and another one to match.  I hope to get better pictures next week of my "before and after"~~   

After sanding the table top portion, I used a darker stain; next week I'll put a sealer on. 

I love little dried roses~~these were left over from a bouquet last week; could not bear to throw them out just yet.  I have this little vignette on the shelf near the computer~~

Do you dry flowers?  I like tucking them into little apothecary jars~~sweet reminders of summer and garden.  The Sweet Annie is more than ready to cut and dry~~will be bundling bouquets of it for my booth this next week. 

Are you still gathering from the garden?  Leftover flowers, seeds, leaves?

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