Friday, February 11, 2011

Old White Cups and Cows!

No secret--I have an infinite love for ironstone.  Especially the vintage white and creams:

Two china cabinets in my home display my love for white teapots, coffee-pots, platters, tureens, etc.

Oh--I like brown and blue transferware too!  I display them separately; move stuff around constantly.

I recently purchased this adorable antique picture of cows--love the muted colors. 

Old clipboards!  Another crazy passion---can't seem to pass these up---looks sweet stacked in an old box.  I use them too---carry one around with my notes on it for blogging/house ideas!

Religious items are another weakness---I love these grouped together on the little table in the entry way.

Ironstone love:

Cute little white planter holds cards and little things: love that crazing!

My latest teapot cost $4.00 and is in mint condition!

Coffee jar and small creamer; bargains for total of $3.00

I spot those little glass ashtrays everywhere for practically nothing--they make cute coasters for little plants; I love to stack them up in a larger bowl---pretty when the sunlight shines on them.

An old cardboard box; simple---but, loved the tan and white wallpaper---the little knob!  Sweet holding all that other stuff I have.

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