Friday, November 26, 2010

MisMatched and Mixing

Did a little "Black Friday" shopping today; but first had to hit some favorite junk shops.  Found this sweet antique brown transferware gravey boat at an antique shop--really cheap!
Some may think you cannot find cheap (reasonable) bargains at an antique store:  you'd be surprised! 

The antique silverware was tied up in a string: priced at $4.00; that's a bargain!  Last week found two identical sugar bowls (one pictured above) both for $2.00. 

Tiny little china cups with writing on them look sweet stacked in a vintage glass showcase.  These I found and GW.

I'm finding sleds of all descriptions this year (everywhere in the junk shops);  I wanted to spray-paint this one white--but the weather is not cooperative right now--these are great to add your own signature collections:  little books, trees, sheet-music cones, candles---endless possibilities.  This one cost me $1.20; heavy brass and metal: I love using the sleigh for vignettes during the Christmas season. 
I'm going blog-hopping and see what you've been up to! 
 Have a great weekend.  (I love all your comments and read every one of them--thank you!)