Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Sled Found!

Here's one of my FAVORITE places to hunt great stuff; B & J's Antiques in Sullivan, Illinois.  Huge place inside just full of awesome goodies.  But, today---had my eye on finding an OLD SLED:  going use it on the porch for Christmas wreath or garland.

LOOK!!  at all this wonderful rusty metal and wooden items!  Eye candy, I tell you!

Hmmm---I don't remember seeing that old porch swing--that just may be revisited soon.

I'm home now--here's my loot:
I found it!  No--I found TWO sleds; the toboggan I will use on the porch for Christmas--and of course had to visit inside and found some other neat things.  (See that vintage Halloween Pumpkin light?)

Stopped by the local resale shop and got the pans, ironstone, bicycle lamp--
earlier this week I bought the brass lantern that will be taken apart; painted and used as a cloche for candles, treasures, etc.
Okay; that's my posting for today--will post picture of the porch after I decorate the sled tomorrow.  I can hardly wait--got to find some huge pinecones for my basket---(part of the porch display--will explain with pictures later this week).  I'm going over to your blog and see what you've been doing!