Friday, June 17, 2011


Trust me on this one~~these chairs can be saved!  These were curbsided a few days ago on the street where I live~~I was on my way to an appointment and whipped out my cell~~called DH~~"please" I begged him~~"it's early in the morning; no one will see you~~"

Oh the things he'll do for me~~

I'll twine up the bad spots and paint them; add some slip covers to the top half~~they'll look just fine for the backyard pergola for my shabby~tea~party~picture~taking days. 

And some of my latest finds on the cheap: two pretty cotton sheets for slipcovers or use as outside tablecloths:  a half~shaped wooden thingy (I'll use this as trim for a wooden box); and another nice, thick wood picture frame. 

Love pretty flowers early in the morning: I took my camera out with me to snap photo of my little rosemary bush which will get much bigger before end of summer: I'll dry sprigs of it and use all fall/winter long:  today a fresh sprig for the crock~pot pork roast~~

And found this medium sized apothecary jar on the cheap: perfect to store my rosemary in~~
Something about using my very own herbs pleases my senses (and taste).

And~~these sweet "rag baskets" both for 50 cents:  could not resist~~another cute display for collectibles perhaps~~will take these for resale at my booth.

Here's my favorite "past photo~posts"~~please come visit me often and I'll visit you back!

Happy thrifting this weekend~~can't wait to see your bargains!

For Friday Night:  I'm joining in here~~

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