Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Little Cabinet Project

I bought this sweet cabinet last fall for $5.00; all it really needed was some white paint~~

Here is the "before" picture; all crusty, dusty and sitting in my entryway:

I've added the wooden shelf with a cute dowel rod for paper-towels or to hang hand towels; the top shelf will hold some cute jars for herbs and such:

Tomorrow:  I'll picture the finished project~~jars included!

Have some stencilling to add to both sides; and the sweet drawer shifts open from either side~~

There was a towel bar already attached to one side:

~~adding drawer pulls and a knob to the cabinet door tonight~~

I'm leaving the old red toolbox here for awhile; just brought down the "stored away plants" from upstairs.   January usually draws me into buying another indoor potted plant every year~~

I want to paint the old singer base white!  Soon!

See you tomorrow with the little cabinet all prettied up.  Hope the lighting is better for pictures too!

Off to see what you've been up to~~have a great week!


Here's a grand party going on:
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