Sunday, December 30, 2012

~a post~holiday~post~~~

I did a little thrifting yesterday.  Thrilled to find one of these marmalade crocks!  ~~right here, smack-dab in the middle of the mid-west!  Who'd of thought I could possibly run onto one of these~~I have seen these English crocks on other blog-sites and just dreamed about finding one~~

~~aren't these little bags cute?  Sweet, bargain price for the pair and the print is displayed on both sides of the bags (project for July?)~~~

~~and found some whites to add to the cabinet~~

I'm so wanting to repaint the black cabinet white; I'm still thinking~~

I have one of these jars in my kitchen to hold my Keurig cups~~bought this one to paint up and sell at the booth;  these things always sell quickly for me~~

Love my coffee.

~~and my hot teas~~

Well these little glass cuties were not going to be left behind~~someone saved all the glass "percolater" tops from their old coffee pots!  Is that not adorable!  ~~so I bought these too on the very, very cheap.  Don't know what to do with them yet; have you any ideas?  I know you do!

~~and this huge (it is big) old, aluminum coffee pot (paid $1.00 for this sweet thing); 

I set inside a flameless, flickering candle and it looks like the pot is perking.

~~my old chair I bought to paint.  Not painted.  But, I will eventually.  Really.

Are you ready for 2013?  I'm ready~~a New Year with greater expectations for what can be for my family and myself~~looking forward with a positive attitude; making plans and working on ideas for our home. 

Thank you for stopping by~~