Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stencilled Little Cabinet

Yesterday I posted my project on this little cabinet, but hadn't stencilled the front door of it~~the lighting was not cooperating again today~~picture quality is not very good with my old camera~~

Husband helped me add the vintage looking hardware~~

Setting the vignette as how it will look when I take some items to the booths tomorrow~~

Below is the opposite side of the cabinet: the cute drawer pulls out from either side:

Bought some $1.00 glass jars at the Dollar Store~~

Invested approx. $14.00 total (includes the cabinet bought for $5.00)~~

Back to some house projects.  But first, going to see what you've been up to today!   Make it a great day and thanks for stopping by.


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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Little Cabinet Project

I bought this sweet cabinet last fall for $5.00; all it really needed was some white paint~~

Here is the "before" picture; all crusty, dusty and sitting in my entryway:

I've added the wooden shelf with a cute dowel rod for paper-towels or to hang hand towels; the top shelf will hold some cute jars for herbs and such:

Tomorrow:  I'll picture the finished project~~jars included!

Have some stencilling to add to both sides; and the sweet drawer shifts open from either side~~

There was a towel bar already attached to one side:

~~adding drawer pulls and a knob to the cabinet door tonight~~

I'm leaving the old red toolbox here for awhile; just brought down the "stored away plants" from upstairs.   January usually draws me into buying another indoor potted plant every year~~

I want to paint the old singer base white!  Soon!

See you tomorrow with the little cabinet all prettied up.  Hope the lighting is better for pictures too!

Off to see what you've been up to~~have a great week!


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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013 Projects

Happy 2013!  It's going to be a quiet day around here; sharing some old posts of this and that; getting geared up for painting projects and home improvements here at the old house; going to get brave and picture more of this old farm house as we plug along getting her "fixed up and pretty".  (or maybe just eclectically charming)~~Stay warm and may all this year bring you want you absolutely desire!  God Bless.

~favorite inspiring books; still bookmarked with favorite quotes and life messages~


~just a few more months; back to gardening!~~

~rusty goodness piled in a favorite basket~

~~scheming/dreaming of garden ideas and plant placement during these wintery days with a cup of hot tea~~

~some of my treasures in my "quiet room" where I post my posts!~~

~china collections; brown transferware my ultimate favorite~

I won't pass up other pretty colors in transferware~~

Love stencilling; many projects come and gone~~more ideas this year!

~unique finds and more vignetting~

~looking forward to more upholstering with junk finds; I've got a shed full of these kind of projects!~~

~and more old items to paint up/stencil for the booths~

~my love for chicken wire on anything that holds a staple!~~

Are you making up your idea boards, your list of "want-to's"?   ~~I'm looking forward to seeing all your posts and creative ideas; your lovely rooms with sweet vignettes; your gardens and your flowers!  It's gonna be a great, New Year!


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