Sunday, December 30, 2012

~a post~holiday~post~~~

I did a little thrifting yesterday.  Thrilled to find one of these marmalade crocks!  ~~right here, smack-dab in the middle of the mid-west!  Who'd of thought I could possibly run onto one of these~~I have seen these English crocks on other blog-sites and just dreamed about finding one~~

~~aren't these little bags cute?  Sweet, bargain price for the pair and the print is displayed on both sides of the bags (project for July?)~~~

~~and found some whites to add to the cabinet~~

I'm so wanting to repaint the black cabinet white; I'm still thinking~~

I have one of these jars in my kitchen to hold my Keurig cups~~bought this one to paint up and sell at the booth;  these things always sell quickly for me~~

Love my coffee.

~~and my hot teas~~

Well these little glass cuties were not going to be left behind~~someone saved all the glass "percolater" tops from their old coffee pots!  Is that not adorable!  ~~so I bought these too on the very, very cheap.  Don't know what to do with them yet; have you any ideas?  I know you do!

~~and this huge (it is big) old, aluminum coffee pot (paid $1.00 for this sweet thing); 

I set inside a flameless, flickering candle and it looks like the pot is perking.

~~my old chair I bought to paint.  Not painted.  But, I will eventually.  Really.

Are you ready for 2013?  I'm ready~~a New Year with greater expectations for what can be for my family and myself~~looking forward with a positive attitude; making plans and working on ideas for our home. 

Thank you for stopping by~~


Sunday, December 23, 2012

A very simple, basic Christmas decor in my home this year.  Next year will be better.   Wishing all of you a very bright and Merry Christmas.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shoppin' at ReStore and an Old Wagon

Isn't this old wagon cute!  I bought it for $29.00~~
While unloading my stuff at the booths, an elderly gentleman was also bringing in some pretty neat, vintage, rusty, old items~~he sold this to me right on the spot.  I couldn't get it in the old jeep fast enough.

On the way home with it~~schemed my plans to use a big old galvanized bucket with a "recycled Christmas Tree" from the Restore (2.00); leftover garlands, tuck in some white burlap at the base of tree and new red bows.  Add lights~~

It looks pretty lit at night~~hope to post a pic. soon~~

And below:

This is bad.  Really bad.  Story goes like this: told self "no more buying junk/vintage/etc until I've downsize the collection of (same)"~~

Then our local ReStore had the biggest deal last week:  donate canned goods and get anything for 1/2 off;  I could NOT pass up that deal.  This is only a portion of what I bought and only spent $20.00~~will pic. later rest of the loot. 

Bought these chairs for $2.50 each; and only pictured one of the industrial stools (each for $1.50)~~and those half~round things~~3 of them for $2.50 each~~have in mind a great project using some hardware/chicken wire~~

I have to get busy paintin' and refixin'~~it will help me feel less guilty for bringing home more junk.

Have a great day and happy junkin'!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bailey Bros Window

This is a "hurry up and post" post cause I should be cleaning, baking and such.  I'm waiting til house gets quiet and start at it again~~I love the holidays so much, even with the to~do~list a mile long!   Are you ready?

Quick picture of a few items I took to the booths earlier today; finished up my second old window~~painted up some candle stands~~and made some snow~jars~~

~this big old jar was my favorite; on the very top glued on burlap and little vintage votive holder~~

Recently bought some old chair rungs and painted them up; added silver snowflakes and wire to the tops to hang on a tree (or maybe an old door)~~

Excuse the tags~~these are priced and ready to go out the door when I took last minute pictures!

oh~~I added a little silver/white sprig balls to the cone I made~~making more of these next week and show you the paper cones too that are selling very well at the booths.  The shop owner called me and said I needed to make more~~well that made me feel pretty darn good!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving; sweet blessings to you and your family!


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Monday, November 19, 2012

Old Window Projects

Good Monday Everyone~~

Me, too, getting into the Christmas Spirit of things and in the middle of the night I think of too many projects, the Thanksgiving List, extra house~cleaning~~etc~~

I'm working on two of the old windows I bought late summer; with a Christmas theme of my favorite old movie~~

My kids used to hate it when this old movie would come around for the holidays; I'd make them watch it with me~~

I still believe it bestows human goodness at it's best (and worst, thanks to 'ol Mr. Potter!)~~

But~~now that they are older~~I know they adore it too, and maybe it has become one of their favorites~~

~~"and everytime a bell rings"~~~~~

Well, had to do the Building and Loan window also~~not finished with this one yet~~I'm thinking some white frosted spray paint to the back side of the window for more "wintery" effect; some garland and burlap bow~~

I pick up silly little this and that at the junk shops (for an example~~;)

Little knack birdies to glue onto cones~~

Used some vintage linen placemats; cut and wrapped around the cones; added some "vintage~looking" trims; snow and glitter to the top~~

These are quick and easy and so sweet~~taking them to the booths at the shop.

Have an inspiring week and hoping your Thanksgiving holiday will be wonderful and full of Grace!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some Christmas Thoughts

Well, the above isn't Christmas thoughts~~I've been forever getting to post and feel waaaay behind.  This was the last project I finished for one of my booths at the shop;  a free plant stand with big metal pot; (sorry, no before pic).  I added the label found on Graphic Fairy~~using an aqua print sheet of paper so that the black label would show up~~so now I'm concentrating on Christmas things~~

Our house not quite finished yet~~she's over 120 years old!  We are going to finish the porch railings between the posts this spring~~now we are working on the inside projects for the winter~~

My door header hasn't come in yet; looks rather generic as is, but I love the quaintness the old door gives~~can't wait til the header is on and the side trim pieces~~

I so love burning bush~~have several in the backyard also.  Perfect fall specimen and a little for Christmas color too~~

It's been raining here; very chilly and windy today!  It feels like it could snow ;)

Geeze; look at these two HUGE wooden hoops~~each for $2.00~~(little thrift shopping)~~
my plan to stencil on fabric after I've painted the hoops~~a soon-to-be-project (right);

well, I'm working on it anyway~~

Got these little things at the dollar store for making ornaments for the booths;  I discovered those round cardboard cake plates (for weddings) are perfect to hot glue paper cones;  below are some embellishing ideas;

12-pack glitter snowflakes for under 3.00 from Walmart~~

Birdies and little trees for "snow jars" and paper cones too~~

Ahh--feels good to post again!  I have been keeping up with all your lovely, creative ideas and beautiful, cozy homes~~you just wouldn't realize how comforting a cup of Earl Grey tea and your blog makes me feel!


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