Monday, November 19, 2012

Old Window Projects

Good Monday Everyone~~

Me, too, getting into the Christmas Spirit of things and in the middle of the night I think of too many projects, the Thanksgiving List, extra house~cleaning~~etc~~

I'm working on two of the old windows I bought late summer; with a Christmas theme of my favorite old movie~~

My kids used to hate it when this old movie would come around for the holidays; I'd make them watch it with me~~

I still believe it bestows human goodness at it's best (and worst, thanks to 'ol Mr. Potter!)~~

But~~now that they are older~~I know they adore it too, and maybe it has become one of their favorites~~

~~"and everytime a bell rings"~~~~~

Well, had to do the Building and Loan window also~~not finished with this one yet~~I'm thinking some white frosted spray paint to the back side of the window for more "wintery" effect; some garland and burlap bow~~

I pick up silly little this and that at the junk shops (for an example~~;)

Little knack birdies to glue onto cones~~

Used some vintage linen placemats; cut and wrapped around the cones; added some "vintage~looking" trims; snow and glitter to the top~~

These are quick and easy and so sweet~~taking them to the booths at the shop.

Have an inspiring week and hoping your Thanksgiving holiday will be wonderful and full of Grace!

There's a party going on here:


  1. Hi Patty, so good to see a post. Hope things are well. Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family. xo

  2. You are an amazingly talented gal. Your ideas are fabulous and your finished projects divine. I wish that I was close enough to visit your booth.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Your blogging sister, Connie

  3. Oh those windows are awesome! And I love the little cones too - charming to hang anywhere!

  4. Hey! I recognize the Bailey Bros. sign! ;) saw your feature at Elizabeth and Co.

  5. I loved your stenciled window and the greenery. Visiting from Elizabeth & Co

  6. I love the It's a Wonderful Life Window! Also, I am going to make some sheet music cones using the styrofoam cone - that will make cone making so much easier, Now following you!



  7. I love it all, especially the Bailey Bros. Building and Loan! I also paint old chair spindles and use them here and there. Yours look great with the embellishments. Merry Christmas!