Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brown Transferware~~

       I love this old china; brown transferware is one of my favorites and it blends in well with the variations of the white stoneware~~
Ivy and birds~~in my favorite colors!

Still deciding whether or not to take the paint brush and do this huge china cabinet in white; I think I would love it.  It's only paint~~right?
I used leftover beadboard wallpaper for the back panel inside this cabinet.  The background looks so pretty for the white stoneware~~a nice contrast.

So, if I paint the cabinet white (I really want to) then I'll probably have to paint the dining room table and chairs too.  I just create more projects for myself~~

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~~~Sshhhhh~~Quiet is Good

                   ~~It's early morning here; got the coffee brewing.  Stole a few quiet moments to snap some pics before starting my to-do-list.  I cut some Artemesia for soft color, simple bouquet.  No flowers needed~~just pretty, pale gray~green in some old porcelain for tables today~~

I escape here to my little office every morning and before bedtime.   You've seen many photos from this area.  The iron daybed is for my two lovely dogs who insist on being with me when I'm in here.  Hence, the collection of many different bed~linens and pillow shams! 

Love old clocks; non~functioning! 

I love, love, love whites with pale tans/taupes:  makes it fun to add any other pops of color when the neutrals are in place.  I'm not really a "pink" person, but I love a few girly~things with depictions of roses now and again.

Coffee's ready.  Wish you were here to discuss with me a new design for my little office space.  I visited a favorite blogger a bit ago who has used grasscloth to one of her wall~space~office; I'm really loving that idea.  It's on the backburner though~~got too many other things to do right now downstairs.  Don't you love having projects?  What's on your list for today? 
 Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Beadboard Look ~~ Wallpaper

Today I'm painting more trim boards; baseboard, chair~railings, mouldings~~
This beadboard wallpaper is fabulous and I am very pleased with it in the dining room.  I may use it in the kitchen and laundry room too.  I have not painted it yet (it is paintable)~~and I have my favorite cottage white Behr paint ready~~

I bought my two huge rolls of the beadboard wallpaper at Lowe's for $18.00 per roll and still had some left over for other projects:  thinking of papering the back of a bookcase ~~even my picky sister-in-law thought this was great stuff and looked like the "real thing".

This product is amazing!  It comes prepasted; but I always brush on a little wall paste mixture because it is a heavier paper~~want to be sure it adheres well to the wall and projects.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

At Random~~rust with neutrals

~~~~I loved how these old, rusty brackets looked.  The patina of rust, chippy paint just appealed to me for some reason.  Bought them for a dime each.  They'll come to use in the sheds for shelving and other projects~~

A large creamy, white wall urn for $2.00~~I'm thinking will look sweet against the new wallcover in the dining room~~

Today~~I start to box up and donate some of the clutter that has taken over my closets and cabinets.  I'm not looking forward to this chore!

Rosemary, Sweet Annie & Artemesia~~

Finally~~some nice rain yesterday~~but, it's pretty near the end for my potted plants and some perennials that haven't faired well in the big heat last few weeks~~I don't have the heart to throw them out just yet~~

What always does well in extreme heat~~Sweet Annie

I have bushes of this growing next to the shed~~makes a beautiful "privacy" next to the neighbors.  It reseeds itself every year (sometimes a nuisance because I'm pulling out little sprouts of it during the season; but well worth the little effort; nice freebies for friends~~) Sweet Annie grows fast; makes a beautiful backdrop for other flowers; great to dry for arrangements indoors and out.  It smells devine!

Sweet Annie will be ready for bloom late September~~bundles will be cut, twined at the stems and dried upside down in the shed~~love this stuff!

What I love about Artemesia: the soft gray/white color it adds to the garden.  Also pretty in bouquets for the table.  I plan to add more of it next year.  There are many species of Artemesia; I cannot remember off hand the name of this one. 

Rosemary is another plant that survives the heat pretty well; I have used so much of this fragrant plant in my recipes and flowers for the tables~~this morning cuttings were washed and dried, tied with twine and vignetted!  ~~when they have dried I'll put them in jar for the kitchen.  It smells good in the house with Rosemary!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Iced Tea~~

My old wicker rocker is strategically placed~~in the corner of the porch~~nice to sit in the evenings when it's cooler~~love hearing the flag flap~~we have these on every corner of the boulevard street lights until after Labor Day~~I'm ready for a tall glass of iced tea~~

Keeping water for the feathered friends too~~soooo hot this week.
Most of my potted plants have already withered; the potted petunias are looking stressed; even though I keep them watered during this hot streak we're having.

Still at the projects; slowly chipping away at the to-do-list:

Walmart seagrass baskets for $7.00 each; my added to-do-list~~these will be on the bottom selves of my 1970's china cabinet I painted black (now thinking of painting white)~~

NOT a good picture today in this room~~but, I intend to take off the two bottom doors and the shelves inside will fit each basket perfectly!  What do you think about painting this cabinet white (and I am also stripping off that ugly "gold" filigree on the glass doors--totally ugh!)~~but, I love this cabinet; it's huge and fits this space perfectly by the stairs.

I'm still living in a total mess right now~~My dining room corner cabinet is sitting where is is not supposed to be of course until we get the room completed~~then there's the rest of the story~~my dining room table doesn't belong in this room either~~but, hopefully by next week~~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Where's my baseboards, crown moulding, the rest of the chair railing?  Oh, it's here~~just having the patience to wait~~it's not in me this morning!  Lowe's delivered the window and door headers for the new siding last Friday.  The contractor hasn't called back yet for a "start" date.  I'm getting more impatient.  ARRRGG~~

Yes, still "loving" my makeshift curtain while trying to finish the little things in the dining area~~
Kind of organic~~poor rustic~~

My night~time~can't sleep~project:

bought some hanging plastic mannequins on the cheap~cheap~~
After layering with batting and "antique" the hook, I've started the sewing portion.  She will have a flirty~ muslin~ruffle with just a side view of the navy ticking: her lovely chest area will show off that feedsack crown. 

  She will become a rustic, French Queen indeed! 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

~~Inspiring Books

~~"Change your thoughts and you change your world."  (Norman Vincent Peale)

I read a lot of books.  Most are inspirational, motivational, spiritual.   This posting will not be everyone's "cup of tea"~~that's okay too.

One of my favorite authors is Dr. Wayne Dyer, who has over the last five years transformed me into (what I think and feel) a better person.  I'm more confident.  Happiness comes easier because I have learned to cope, meditate, pray and give. 

Though I blog about trivial things at times, my whole life seemed upside down for so long (at one time); and if you, too, sometimes feel "somethin' just ain't right"~~read these books. 

A new perspective on how to view what is happening around you, being positive, giving with your heart~~just some of the things that will turn it all around for you.  Sometimes negative people are in your life~~amazing how one person's attitude can effect your day. 
 I've learned that life is TOO SHORT to stay connected or around those who view me as "insignificant".
  So~~just go the other way~~there's so much love and support out there!  Laugh with the angels;  they are with you constantly; and if you need some help, feel overwhelmed; take a break and ASK for guidance.  You'll get it.  (and don't forget to ask for a sign)~~

You can have what you want.  Believing is the key and knowing God wants you to have whatever it is you need~~even if it's just the little things; trivial stuff~~no matter what.  You are here to live a good life and do for others as well as for yourself~~taking care of YOU is important too! 

My vintage bookcase is full of these kinds of books and I'll bookmark, re-read them and bless the authors that turned my attitude around.  (I still have those "moments"~~you have to know when and how to change your thoughts into positive thoughts~~it works!).

Have your dreams and your goals~~everybody needs them!  Start a vision board (another topic I dearly love and believe in)~~view it everyday and watch your goals and dreams start to appear.  May seem like small steps at a time~~it will happen for you.  Someday, I'll tell you about my vision board I started five years ago and how most of it has come to be real~~another topic, another day!  (I still do a vision board to this day)


Have a great, inspiring weekend!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Under Budget!

Thrilled to get away from the sawdust, pounding, cleaning, moving/shifting furniture, etc~~to find a few bargains for really a few pennies!  Here's my favorite bargain bought just today:

This is just the mirror only (to a vintage dresser) originally $5.00~~today 1/2 off at our local Habitat Resale shop~~$2.50!

Before grocery shopping (my dreaded chore); popped into CC and found these treasures below~~
Wicker chairs for potted plants/vignettes~~spray painting these maybe black or green in the future~~a metal reticulated mirror/tray for $1.00, and six woven placemats $3.00~~

So, I had to vignette these sweet chairs real quick before the sun went down~~got all three for $1.25.   (and promising to get groceries and not over spend on thrifting today~~)

~25 cents for the sweet clothes~pin card holder~  and the folding ruler/yardstick for 50 cents~~ 

This wooden old frame with wire back for 25 cents~~

Two frosted~glass vintage lamps: $6.00 for the pair~~

And here's my loot from Resale shop a few days ago: Very old large white ironstone pitcher ($2.00); a porcelain/wooden coffee grinder that still functions ($1.00);  little glass jar with bale wire (50 cents) and four pale green linen napkins ($1.00);
 LOVE that wooden lazy susan (I have now found three of these charmers!)~~only 50 cents; poor old silver (not real silver) server for 10 cents.   Most of my goodies will end up at my booth for resale (except the lazy susan~~plans are to paint in black; use in kitchen cabinets)~~~

So I came home with several goodies (and real groceries) and hardly spent a thing!  Under budget and a few pennies left over for next week's thriftin' day.  What kind of stuff did you luck out with this week?  I'm going to check out these parties~~hope you're there!


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