Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lazy Susan & Vintage Milk Glass

Yep; another stencil project~~

~~a vintage Lazy Susan painted white using my favorite stencil with grey paint and sanding it down to look like aged patina and antique stencil~~

Something to add interest to the little tables I recently did for the booth/shop~~

~~I wish my customers loved milk glass vases as much as I do~~maybe this will "sell" the idea~~

How can you not love milk glass?  ~~they are so sweet, pure white, a beauty to hold and touch~~

We'll see if these finally get a home somewhere~~

If not~~I'll bring them back here and display them with little flowers from the garden all season long. 

Don't you love milk glass?


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Monday, March 26, 2012

Lamp and Flat Screen Dresser

When I bought this bicycle lamp is was black metal~~and loving this aqua/green toile fabric~~decided to paint the lamp base to match a new shade~~

~~a ruffle of burlap~~

Here's my newest "Old Dresser"~~I paid $120.00 for it.  I really debated spending that much~~but, I realllllly wanted it for the upstairs guest bedroom to place a flat screen tv on it~~it will fit perfectly.

~~if you look closely on the left of the drawers someone has scratched "MOM" on all three~~hmmmm~~I wonder what that was about!

~~I'll paint it and add different knobs: this project won't happen til after Easter when family has left~~I'll polish her up and she'll look great in the meantime~~

~We're still working on the little kitchen today~~

What's your current project?

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cottage Kitchen Things

I do not have a big, beautiful designer kitchen.  I'm such a coward to show you the current "before" pictures as we are creating my little cottage~kitchen~dream~~BUT~~

~~soon I'll be brave enough to show you the wood "tongue and groove" ceiling we put in~~my little 1930's red~topped island~~and my favorite little 3~tier shelf above my cooking stove~~

~~no~~I don't have a beautiful kitchen.  I have an old house that says "love me as you can"~~I've made it comfy and cottage~y.  And I'm going to picture my little dream kitchen soon (as soon) as I get over the "it's not beautiful to blog about".
  I love it anyway~~

And here's my favorite little things I just found to put on my white~cottage~y 3 tier shelf~~I'm scared and excited to share.  Isn't that ridiculous?

Just sayin~~

Have a great week and see you on the next post!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jeep Full of Thrifts

Do you like this green paint on the hanging baskets?
It's growing on me~~

I found this set of three baskets attached to a canvas strap that hangs on the wall~~for $5.00~~I'm starting to like the color~~maybe paint large numbers on each one~~

Porcelain doll heads~~(with hands)~~need some ideas here (a dime each)~~
50c unwrapped candle~~
Pretty black reticulated Tole tray (great filler for the booth)~~

~~and this brand new roll of unused York wallcover~~
whimsey with Monkees and ferns (can you see this for a background on little bookcases, boxes, drawers)~~$1.50 for a double roll~~

~~some 25c baskets~
The ottoman with Queen Anne legs for $6.00~~already a plan for reupholster and paint on her "legs"~~

~wire basket, vintage cake storage tin, and a pretty fruit motiff tablecloth~~

A sweet vintage chair for $5.00~~
and this is my question for you~~I bought 3 fishing baskets; they are collapsable~~just the neatest things and all different sizes. 

How would you display these?  They would not hold a plant (and, no, I don't want to display a fish--)

I had no idea how I'd use these, but for $3.00 each (and they're vintage) I decided they needed to come home with me~~

Not sure I will use these myself~~but wouldn't these look cool just hangin' around somewhere?  Laundry room, sunroom (wish I had one), corner of the porch~~etc.

So really~~tell me~~Would you have bought these??

Love your comments~~have a happy thriftin' week!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

75c Table Frames ~ Plus

Don't you love a great bargain!  Last week I pictured these wooden frames I bought for 75c each~~painted this one aqua and added jute to make a sweet~vintage~looking luggage rack~~

Below are the "befores"~~~

I already had the scalloped table top stuck in the junk room FOREVER~~and attached it to the other 75c frame to make a little table~~

Maybe sweet to hold potted plants on someone's porch~~

(There's Mr Z.~~let sleeping dogs lie~~~;)

And the wooden dress forms~~~

Turned out aqua with stenciled motiffs~~

All of these going to the booth for resale tomorrow~~I love it when I can get some stuff done!

~~I heard there's some parties going on~~I'll see you here: