Thursday, April 28, 2011

Those Dollar Stores~~

Just before Easter I stopped into Dollar Store and found
 these placemats and at first passed them up.  Then I went back and bought four of them: thinking they would look great with white dinner plates.

I've had these vintage salad plates for a few weeks;  layered on top  of my "Catholic Charity" white dinner plates; they are my favorites and I usually reach for them first when I set the table.

There's a little shop not too far away from me that takes "cast offs"~~I got so lucky finding two slipper chairs~~$2.00 each: in bad upholstery condition~~

And knowing I am NOT a seamstress by any means~~I do think I can whip up some slip~covers for these darling chairs~~another project!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wooden Drawer

I don't know how much more rain we can take.  We are more fortunate than some~~so really I should not complain.  Just let me whine a little~~I'm tired of mud puddles~~we should be getting some sunshine Thursday and Friday!  I'll be outside trimming hedges.

I recently found these adorable vintage~like placemats set of four; all for $1.25.  Pretty with white ironstone.

When it rains~~I just vignette a little.  I love this drawer (it belongs to a little bedside table); today it houses some old bottles and a rooting of a philo~houseplant.  You know I love houseplants~~good feng shui!

I've been painting my dining room and preparing the walls for the new wallcover on top half of walls: background is pale tan/beige with white leaves.  Contrasted lower half with existing chair~rail and beadboard looking wallpaper.  Have you heard about it??  I got my info from other bloggers and it truly is beautiful stuff
 (and paintable!)~~~I will get photos as I can to show you~~

Above: my wallcover~~I'm thinking it will look good with all my whites in the dining room.  When will it be done?  ~~ I'm slow, but I'll get there and picture my progress soon.

And I need to paint the ceilings, get a new chandelier over the dining table~~one project seems to bring on several more~~does that happen to you?  Have a great day and if you are having sunshine please enjoy!  Smiles and hugs~~~~~

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Friday, April 8, 2011

I Must Have These

I am NOT going to become a packrat.  I am not.  Though it appears I collect a lot of junk (very useful, wonderful vintage items); I refuse to become a hoarder.  Hince~~I buy and keep some of the things I love but, for the most part I will end up taking them to my booth for resale.  Ok~~I feel better letting you know I don't want to become a packrat!

So~~I found another little teapot to add to my collection.  It was so cheap I couldn't resist. 

And here's that other Easter Egg~Shaped plate; 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby:
This one matches the vintage pink napkins I bought for tablescaping.

More old silver stuff:  I probably won't sell these for awhile (they are small and fit nicely in a drawer so that I don't look like I'm hoarding)~~~

And this is the rest of the milkglass items I bought for 10 cents each (except the leaf~shaped one~~it was a $1.00)~~bought the dime stuff Tuesday at our local Habitat Resale Shop:

This is one LARGE bunny!  So beautiful and came with another smaller one: both are carved wood and painted~~$5.00 for the set:

The ribbed~bowl is ironstone (has a slight hairline crack) so was a bargain for 50 cents:  I'm happy with it as a planter for my baby Ficus. 

See that little aqua shelf?  It's not staying (told you I am not a packrat!)~~~bought for $1.98 at Goodwill a few weeks ago and finally got around to painting it~~although~~I'm really starting to like it on this wall~~~

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bargain Days

Above:  This week I was on the search for items to put in my little booth at the antique mall.   Found some sweet china~~(the quilted shams are discounts from Target~~they are for my daybed~~love those colors and the birdies on them!)

Catholic Charity had some cute items this week:  I already had the red sugar pour (Is that what it is??)~~so I wanted to add these crocheted items together on a shelf at my booth:
The huge metal industrial type tray~~perfect for garden pots~~$1.00

The yellow shams for $1.00 each; look brand new~~I'm keeping these for display purposes on the daybed~~in my little office/junk~room/photo shootin' room~~I have a "thing" for pillow shams and love to change them out when doing my blog.

Yellow antique bowl for 50 cents~~
All the lovely glass~ware: 10 cents each at our local Habitat Resale Shop bought this Tuesday:

And the blue books for 25 cents each~~that old saying isn't true anymore; "Can't judge a book by it's cover"~~well, at least in blogland you can!

I'm on a tight budget for awhile~~so I am limiting my junkin' spending money to $20.00 this week and still had some cash leftover (I'll use it next week I'm sure);
And I didn't picture everything today~~will save some for posting tomorrow~~
Going to start some dinner then have a cup of hot tea and see what you're up to!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pretty Easter Things

Hobby Lobby had Easter items 1/2 off last week~~
bought some pretty faux dogwood flower branch and two adorable vintage~style Easter egg~shaped plates:  pictured one of them today~~

These old cardboard photo frames I had bought recently~~
inserted some scrap~book papers with pretty prints to use in my baskets and vignettes:

They will look sweet stacked together loosely; placed in cloches or on platters for a backdrop:

I've had this oval wreath a long time; it comes in handy for sweet vignettes of all seasons~~

Well, I had to show off that darling pitcher~~ I bought this in January; a little splurge for a Sadek item; I love the green color on white background and looks vintage~toile~like.

Here's a close~up of some "vintage~looking" scrap~book paper with the old cardboard frame:
kinda romantic just lying on a doily with faux flowers tied with grosgrain ribbon.

I'm posting more every day this week; weatherman promises more sunshine tomorrow so I should get some good pictures of my recent bargains.  I can't wait til you see them!  There are some decorating ideas I'd love to share with you and get your opinions~~

See you tomorrow!

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