Friday, February 25, 2011

Roses & Shamrocks~~

Found a few neat things this week: the vintage threads/strings I have no real plans for; just liking their textures and the creams/whites:

Wanted to find something pretty for St. Patrick's Day; sweet shamrocks on delicate porcelain will look pretty in my tall cloche:

 Found a twig basket; will use this in the spring outside to hold a white painted clay pot with flowers:

This tin cannister with lid is adorable: not that old~~but will also hold a little pot on the patio/porch table~~

~~~~And equally sweet to hold other things in the meantime~~~

 I can never pass up on little china dishes; useful for this "cheese server/dome" which will  now be called a cloche!

Have a great weekend; I'm going to send these over to Linda and Debra; two lovely ladies who hostess Friday night's Findings: 


Vintage Inspiration Friday

Friday, February 18, 2011

Girly Stuff!

Here's some of the sweet little things I picked up this week:
     Found a few more vintage ironstone plates to stack and vases with some interesting design to them:

These two vintage prints on old cardboard without frames; $1.50---Pinky and Blue Boy
and some little soaps still wrapped in cellophane!

Two beautiful linen towels with monogram:

Had a Lavender moment when I found two orphaned pillow~cases with pretty handwork:  and this lovely little "safety~pin" bead lady:

Love the rusty wire enclosing this darling little cottage plate: 

10 yard roll of Toile ribbon in SPRING GREEN:

Orphaned glass~ware: love the patterns~~perfect for little candles:

More old silverware: they seem to find me every time!

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Vintage Inspiration Friday

Thank you Linda and Debra for hosting another fun Friday!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wallpaper: Never say Never

In the 90's I stripped rooms of outdated wallpaper and vowed to NEVER wallpaper again.  Ok--
changed my mind.  It could be the pretty blogs I'm viewing recently with subtle wallpapers that make rooms look so warm/cozy/inviting with all the WHITES we use today:

I'm only going to do my small dining room (see the leaf pattern above and below):
We plan to wainscoat also--so the pattern will only be top half.

It will surround this favorite china cabinet which displays my love for ironstone china:

The pale tan and whites won't compete with my whites, tans, browns, blacks I so love to use in my home.  I hope to get started early spring----
Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Old White Cups and Cows!

No secret--I have an infinite love for ironstone.  Especially the vintage white and creams:

Two china cabinets in my home display my love for white teapots, coffee-pots, platters, tureens, etc.

Oh--I like brown and blue transferware too!  I display them separately; move stuff around constantly.

I recently purchased this adorable antique picture of cows--love the muted colors. 

Old clipboards!  Another crazy passion---can't seem to pass these up---looks sweet stacked in an old box.  I use them too---carry one around with my notes on it for blogging/house ideas!

Religious items are another weakness---I love these grouped together on the little table in the entry way.

Ironstone love:

Cute little white planter holds cards and little things: love that crazing!

My latest teapot cost $4.00 and is in mint condition!

Coffee jar and small creamer; bargains for total of $3.00

I spot those little glass ashtrays everywhere for practically nothing--they make cute coasters for little plants; I love to stack them up in a larger bowl---pretty when the sunlight shines on them.

An old cardboard box; simple---but, loved the tan and white wallpaper---the little knob!  Sweet holding all that other stuff I have.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday! Little things--

Today was "nesting day"; had the house to self and played around with some of my newest "old" finds; like the blue transferware china.  Three orphaned cups looked pretty just stacked together.

A stack of heavy linen napkins; old crocheted heart with pretty silk ribbon.
And metal hearts--some to put in apothecary jars.

Black china cup with pink rose!  Looking sweet with black and white toile.

Old postcards bought off ebay on the cheap!

More of those little hearts in a jar--found around 20 of them this week; including large old aluminum heart molds and pans.  Getting ready for the Valentine's Day blog.

I'm sending this over to Linda's: A la Carte
Thank you Linda for hosting another Friday Junk Finds!